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We deliver end-to-end connection to empower your home and enterprise with seamless internet experience, so you experience better.


Home Internet

A reliable internet connection opens the enormous window of opportunities in front of the businesses. Subscription to APCL business internet service provides customers the access to a vast number of options to get benefit from its hosted services as their business requires.

Dedicated Internet

APCL is maintaining connections to multiple upstream providers to provide redundancy and reliability for your connection to the Internet. We are connected to multiple submarine cable systems: SEA-ME-WE-4 and SEA-ME-WE5 as well as multiple International Terrestrial cable (ITC) systems to ensure maximum service availability.

Managed IT

It is understandable that small and medium business try to minimize expense and keep tight rein on the budget. The simplest way to do that is to adopt break and fix model. In this approach, a professional is called only when a problem arises and all management of the hardware and software is done by the business. In managed service approach,


While the Internet provides a very superhighway to connect offices and people worldwide, it is certainly not the most secure and sage pathway. For organizations who demand the ultimate in data communication security, International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) provides a dedicated clear channel from “point A to point B”. While IPLC may be “the” solution for complete security and ultimate quality of service.

IP Telephony

IP telephony is enabling businesses to move to the internet to make and receive telephone calls. With several advantages in scalability, flexibility, cost efficiency, and special feature availability, it is increasingly getting popular. The core benefit of IP telephony is the ability to deliver cost savings by reducing calling costs, both for SME and corporate organisations.

Server, Maintenance Service

At the heart of the corporate network is the server, a powerful computer that allows the company to share resources and have a single point of collection for valuable business data. While APCL can also assist with UNIX / Linux based servers. Our consultants and technicians are highly trained and skilled in the implementation and maintenance of Windows servers and network support.

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APCL have nationwide coverage of MPLS Layer-3 and Layer-2 VPN solution. MPLS is now considered as the most advanced, robust and most secured solution for data-connectivity. APCL provides Point-to-Point (P2P) and/or Point-to-Multipoint (P2M) MPLS VPN services from any-to-any customer site.


APCL has the strength of providing reliable and stable connectivity to our clients and customers. Our base stations are connected with redundant links, so that if one base station becomes temporarily unavailable, others can still operate independently and provide a smooth link to the customers.


The internet is an indispensable resource for the great majority of companies, considering the volume of operational activities with their execution associated to this service. In this sense, an application that measures that ensure the efficiency of the internet resource, such as link redundancy, QoS (Quality of Service), are alternatives that can improve the users’ experience in the use of the resource.


IP VPNs are “privatized” networks implemented over either the public Internet backbone or a service provider’s private IP backbone, making use of shared IP facilities to build an enterprise’s private WAN. This comes with the following advantages:

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