Unified Threat Management

Organizations today are struggling with viruses and malicious attacks that are incredibly complex, and are deployed with a multifaceted approach to obtain their desired result. These new blended threats package a combination of virus and worm technology into an extremely elusive attack vehicle. In addition to security threats from blended attacks, administrators also face increased network slowdowns and a lack of prioritization of traffic moving throughout the network that impedes effectiveness. Unified Threat Management is an emerging trend in the firewall appliance security market. Unified Threat Management is the evolution of the traditional Firewall into a Swiss Army product that not only guards against intrusion but performs content filtering, spam filtering, intrusion detection and anti-virus duties traditionally handled by multiple systems.

Key points of UTM

  • Network Auditing
  • Find out Security breach of the existing network
  • Recommendations
  • Product and Protocol selection for ensuring security
  • Full proof deployment
  • Reporting