IP telephony is enabling businesses to move to the internet to make and receive telephone calls. With several advantages in scalability, flexibility, cost efficiency, and special feature availability, it is increasingly getting popular. APCL is providing IP Telephony service to with its core fiber optic business.



The core benefit of IP telephony is the ability to deliver cost savings by reducing calling costs, both for SME and corporate organisations. They also provide the equally important benefit of simplifying the implementation and management of telephony systems by using existing LANs or VPNs. 

APCL provides IP telephony as a seamless solution for voice and video collaboration.


Low Cost per Call

As all communication data is turned into packets and sent over the IP network its overall cost comes low compared to other telephony or mobile telephony system

Service Mobility

With a IP Telephony system, all of this transferring a phone or changing location which is eliminated. There are no physical limitations. There is a freedom to move as your business demands without any added stress.​

Versatile Features

IP Telephony systems allows you to multi-task with the most tech-savvy devices, allowing you to be the most productive you can be. In case of queue call management, forwarding is easy.

Simple Conference Call

In an IP Telephony system, instead of paying for something extra, you can take advantage of the ability to make conference calls as an added benefit to the service you already pay for.

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