Ensured QOS

To ensure Quality of Service (QOS) APCL maintain the following:

  • Multiple redundant backbones for BTS
  • Using renowned networking products like Cisco 12000, 7200 VXR 3600 series routers and Cisco 4500, 3500 and 2900 series of switches.
  • Spare devices for BTS are available.
  • Multipath intercity connectivity through different Telco operators.
  • Traffic engineering for optimum performance.
  • Robust, advanced and secured solution like L2 and L3 MPLS.
  • High-end online UPS which gives a strong backup.
  • Ensured accurate bandwidth and connectivity uptime as per SLA.
  • Efficient certified Technical team which includes CCIP, CCNP and CCNA.
  • Distributed support teams are available day and night at major areas.
  • A 24×7 helpdesk with a real time monitoring system.