At the heart of the corporate network is the server, a powerful computer that allows the company to share resources and have a single point of collection for valuable business data. While APCL can also assist with UNIX / Linux based servers.

Windows /Linux Server


Windows Server

Our consultants and technicians are highly trained and skilled in the implementation and maintenance of Windows  servers and network support. Our entire IT support service is geared to ensure that your Windows based network is highly available and provides you with maximum reliability and productivity

 Active Directory Services
 Group Policy Configuration Services
 Microsoft Exchange Server
 Microsoft SharePoint Server
 Microsoft Small Business Server
 Windows Terminal Server
 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)/Domain Name System (DNS)

Linux Server

We are implementing and integrating Linux based server with other peripherials.

 Mail Server
 Web Server
 DNS Server
 Proxy Server
 FTP Server

Virtual Server

Virtual server is a server that shares hardware and software resources with other operating systems (OS), versus dedicated servers. Because they are cost-effective in term of area, resource and provide faster resource control. We can provide service in integration of VMware.

 Hyper-V

 VMware ESX and VMware VSphere

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